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Amazon Private Label

Amazon Private Label Refers to Launching your own brand on Amazon and having its trademark in your hand and selling products via FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon). Private Label is a 4-6months journey with a list of steps starting from product research all the way to selling and ranking on amazon. One Right product found in the Product Research procedure can help you make a ton of money but PL is an investment-intensive business model and requires great skills to be able to launch it. With its rewards comes with risks and is considered one of the riskiest amazon models where if you are unable to rank fully you might lose all your investment. Our Recommended Investment for Private Label is $20,000 in the USA market or £15,000 in the UK market. Yes PL can be conducted in other markets too other than these and require lesser investment but arent as rewarding as these two major markets.

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Amazon Wholesale

Amazon Wholesale Refers to Selling already existing brands on Amazon via FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon). Wholesale is a 2-3months journey with a list of steps starting from Suppliers/Distributors Approvals then finding profitable products and selling them on Amazon. Wholesale isn’t a capital-intensive business and can be started from $10,000 and also has a lower business failure rate and lower risk. With $10,000 you can expect to make $1,200 to 1,800 as your monthly profit . Wholesale model is only successful in the bigger markets such as USA/UK only .

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Amazon PayPerClick Advertisment

In Launching your own Private Label Brand you will need to advertise it and for that, you can use Facebook, Google, and Pinterest ads but the most rewarding platform itself is Amazon. Amazon allows Brand Owners to advertise on the platform itself but doing it the right way is the hard part . That where we come in to manage it in the perfect way for you so that you dont over spend and get the best results . We help in Auditing your Listing , Auditing already running campaigns , PPC optimization , Lisiting optimization and ppc management so that you dont loose on any of the sales and have a perfect running amazon store .

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Amazon Account Management

Already Have a Successful running account and want it to be automated? Yes, we can help you with that too our team can automate your selling on amazon as a Virtual Assistance, and Provide day-to-day support and summary reports to you so that you have full automation on business. We cater both clients in business automation, Amazon Private Label, and Wholesale just for minimal charges.

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